The ECCC’s “Ask A Pro” Forum

Here is a forum where riders can ask questions of experienced pros – no question too basic or too advanced! Email your questions to amyw[at]

Category Topic Pro Date
Personal Care “Uhm, how and how much should I shave?” Many responses! 4/12/2007
Winter Training “How can I get ready for the ECCC season this winter?” Josef Brandauer 1/07/2007
Getting Started “I’m interested in racing, but don’t know where to start!” Lindsey Bishop 9/14/2006
Training “How come I get slower when I train more?!” Amy Wallace 4/28/2006
Personal Care “How can I dry my clothes like a pro?” Amy Wallace 4/26/2006
Basic Skills Many tips for cornering, climbing, sprinting! Target Training 4/24/2006
Appearance “How can I be a ‘cool’ or ‘Euro’ cyclist?” Amy Wallace 4/9/2006
Race Tactics “How do I win those sprints?” Amy Wallace 4/5/2006
Personal Care “Should I race if I’m sick?” Dr. Mike Ross 3/24/2006
Personal Care “What is shami-cream and why would I want it?” Amy Wallace 3/22/2006
Race Tactics “Winning the race vs. pulling the field around” Amy Wallace 3/17/2006